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KinnPorsche The Series online sa prevodom

2022 9.2 60 min 
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Serie KinnPorsche The Series kreirao je , a objavljen je 2022. godine u ulozi glumaca poput Mile Phakphum Romsaithong, Apo Nattawin Wattanagitiphat, Bible Wichapas Sumettikul, Build Jakapan Puttha, Jeff Satur, Tong Thanayut Thakoonauttaya. Ovaj su serie ljudi iz cijelog svijeta ocijenili 9.2. Na našoj web stranici možete besplatno gledati serie KinnPorsche The Series online sa prevodom bez registracije. Ovdje ćete moći birati između nekoliko poslužitelja i provjeriti opis filma te neke druge informacije. Uživati!

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 online KinnPorsche The Series ceo serije sa prevodom
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Porsche, a down and about waiter who carries the hopes and dreams of his brother on his shoulders is thrust into the feuding world of the mafia. He reluctantly becomes a bodyguard for the major clan, which only brings more problems to his life. The main source of his strife is with Kinn, but the more obstacles and trials that they get through together the closer they become. The feelings of passion start to form between them and they soon fall in love with one another. Porsche has to encounter many mysteries that are too coincidental not to be connected. It all revolves around the death of his parents and the events of the will be a key variable in the transformation.

 IMDb ocena  9.2 596 glasova
 Sezone  1
 Epizode  15
 Trajanja  60 minutu
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